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Finding Affordable Transport in Cape Town Made Easy

A Guide To Hiring A Private Airport Shuttle In The Mother City

Traveling is hard enough without working out the logistics of making it to the airport in time to catch a flight. It’s very difficult to choose a cheap shuttle service cape town simply because there are so many choices available. However, the easy tips in this guide can help travelers schedule transport for the right time of day, ensure a prompt pickup, and get to their destination or airport in time.

Plan Early and Plan Well

Booking airport transfers cape town in advance can help the driver and the service ensure a prompt pickup. Before calling to find out about prices or book a shuttle, figure out how long it takes to get from home or the hotel to the airport, and add at least one hour in case the shuttle is late or there’s heavy traffic. It’s also important to consider whether there’s a holiday coming up and whether the shuttle driver will have to deal with road construction and other delays. If any of these are a factor, travelers should be more forgiving when setting a pickup time.

Get Quotes and Make a Short List

Before making a selection, travelers should investigate a minimum of three services that provide private transport cape town. Read online reviews to find out what previous passengers think of the service, and be sure the company is licensed to offer transport services in Cape Town. Most companies offer a similar array of services, and it’s easy to make accurate comparisons by asking about the following areas.

  • Cost and ridership: When choosing a cheap cape town airport taxi, price is an important consideration. Those who choose a non-private shuttle will usually pay based on the distance traveled, in addition to a pickup fee. Many shuttle services in Cape Town offer flat-fee service for some routes, such as those to and from hotels and the airport. Ask whether the quoted rate includes transport for the entire party, or if others will be picked up on the way. If others are riding along, it’s usually a per-passenger charge. Those traveling in groups should try to book a private shuttle, as they usually come at a flat rate.
  • The things being carried: If anyone in the travel group packed heavily, it’s important to ask how much baggage the shuttle can accommodate. Some services have a range of vehicles, such as large utility vehicles and luxury sedans, and passengers should ensure that the vehicle they’re sent can hold everything. Furthermore, those traveling with pets should ensure that they’re allowed to ride along.

Once a passenger finds the right company for their needs, check availability to ensure that they have the time and date of departure open. Reserve a spot with the private tour cape town service that best fits the group’s budget and needs.

Call Before the Scheduled Pickup Time

Although the reservation has already been made, passengers should still call the service the day before or, at the least, a few hours before the shuttle is scheduled to arrive. Double-check to ensure that the reservation has been received, confirm the address, and verify the pickup time. For a private taxi cape town to the airport, the company may be able to access the passenger’s flight information. If the driver has this info, request updates on flight delays. It’s also a good idea to find out about potential obstacles on the planned route, and, if these obstacles exist, whether the driver can take a different route.

Call Today to Book the Best Cape Town Tours

Cape Town has a lot of things to do and sights to see, and the private cape peninsula tour companies can make it happen. By following these tips, those coming to Cape Town can have a memorable visit indeed. Just be sure to look for the most affordable private cape town tours and reading reviews about the travel company before using their service.